Covid-19 Pandemic News & Bottle Differences



Hello, we wanted to inform you of our current manufacturing and shipping at Angelus Brand.

Due to the pandemic, getting components such as bottles and even material has become extremely difficult.

We are making every effort possible to obtain additional components and get back up to full speed.

Please do not be alarmed if a bottle seems a little different. We have attempted to make sure the bottles at least look extremely similar. If you receive a bottle that is completely different in shape and label please do contact us.

Orders are going out in order of which we receive and backorders are being placed for components we can not receive. 

All of the Angelus staff hope you understand and you and your families/staff are staying safe. 

At the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis and California state wide stay-at-home order  we made the decision to shut down the facility for one month.

We made the decision early on, and did not furlough or lay off a single employee, including recently hired temp workers. We have a very good crew and we made the decision to pay them even if they could not work.  We are very thankful we were able to keep 100% of our employees from having to file unemployment. 

One of the major challenges stemming from being off for a month is the orders did not stop coming in from retail or wholesale.

During the stay-at-home order many people tapped into their creative side. Making arts and crafts at home, and this has added to our back log of orders as demand has skyrocketed. While we are  grateful for our customer’s support, it is challenging to keep up with inventory and production.

Additionally, because of this disruption many of our vendors are unable to keep up with our needs. This further delays our production times.

We apologize that our processing times are changing daily, and hope to begin prompt shipping as soon as possible. More staff have joined our team to take care of the new demand, and need training, which can also slow down processing. We are working hard to try and make close to zero errors so that your order comes safe and complete. 

We know that delays are frustrating, but keeping our employees safe is crucial. The delays now will make ramping up to full production much better and faster in the long term.

We are very thankful for, you, our customers. We appreciate you being patient with us as we navigate these unprecedented times.