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Updated 01/10/2022

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#100 Angelus Prime Neatsfoot Oil Compound

A Blend of 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil with the finest grade oils.

Recognized all over the world as one the finest dressings for leather saddles, boots, holsters, gloves, and sports equipment. 

#100 Available in 8 oz. Retail Size, Gallon, 5 Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum

#101 and #102 Angelus Leather Oils

Both are fine oils used for production work on holsters, saddles, tack, and sporting equipment.

Used where consistent color and viscosity are absolutely necessary.

#101 is a lighter viscosity than #100.

#102 is lighter yet. Lighter oils allow deeper penetration on leather.

#101 & #102 Available in Gallon, 5 Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum

#105 Angelus 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil

A natural material preserver and water repellent for leather. Ideal for softening, dressing, preserving, water-proofing, and restoring life to leather items. Especially beneficial to leather subjected to rugged use and exposure. Great for use on leather saddles, harnesses, boots, baseball gloves, and other sport and hunting equipment. Not intended for use on nappy leathers.
Meets U.S. Government Specs.

#105 Available in 8oz Retail Size, Pint, Quart, Gallon, 5 Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum

#200 Angelus Lustre Cream

Lustre cream is one of our most popular and versatile products.

Made from a blend of the finest waxes, oils, soaps, and preservatives. Used in restoring, softening, cleaning, preserving, and polishing all smooth leathers.

Ideal for use on purses, belts, luggage, shoes, and tack. Excellent "one product" for cleaning, conditioning and polishing. Simply apply liberally to article, allow to dry, buff. That's it!!

#200 Available in 4oz Retail Size, Pint, Quart, Gallon, 5 Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum. Colors - Black, Brown, Tan, Army Tan, English Tan, Cordovan, Navy Blue, Red, Kelly Green, & Neutral.

#210 Angelus Leather Balm

A blend of Carnauba wax, natural oils, and cleaners. The same basic time tested formula created in 1907. Ideal for all smooth leathers.

Apply with a clean cloth, allow to dry, polish to a mellow gloss. Leather Balm with help keep leather soft and supple.

Will not become excessively slick making it a great option for use on upholstery and saddlery.

#210 Available in 4oz Retail size, Quart, and Gallon

#212 Deep Conditioning Exotic Skin Cream

Also Ideal for distressed leather NEW ITEM

#215 Angelus Leather Conditioner

A blend of the finest waxes, oils, soaps, and preservatives that can be used on smooth leather. Leather Conditioner penetrates into leather restoring natural oils while cleaning. A wax film is left on the article and can be buffed to a beautiful satin finish. When properly applied, Leather Condi­tioner will clean, soften, preserve, polish, prevent cracking, and restore natural beauty to smooth leather articles. Like #210 Leather Balm, will not become exces­sively slick making it ideal for upholstery, furniture, saddles, and handbags. Con­tains NO solvents.

#215 Available in 8oz Retail size, Quart, and Gallon

#216 Angelus Reptile and Exotic Conditioner

A deep penetrating leather cleaner/conditioner. Ideal for use on reptile and exotic skins.

Lighter in viscosity to allow for penetration on even the toughest skins/hides.

Excellent for distressed leathers too. Maintains the supple feel without a greasy feeling.

#216 Available in 8 oz. Retail Size, Quart, and Gallon

#220 Angelus Leather and Saddle Soap

Ideal for cleaning, polishing, preserving, and lubricating all fine smooth leathers. Help keep leather flexible by restoring natural oils while cleaning. Will not strip leather.

Follow with your favorite Angelus Leather conditioner and buff to a nice glow. Non sticky, non slick formula.

#220 Available in 3oz, 8oz, 16oz, and 7 pound tubs.

#221 Liquid Saddle Soap Spray

Unique spray soap is ideal for cleaning tack, furniture, and other large area articles. Requires little or no rinsing. Follow up with your favorite Angelus Conditioner as needed.

#221 Available in 8oz pump spray and Gallon

#302 White Ace Supreme Shoe White

Manufactured for all smooth white leather articles. When properly applied, White Ace will clean, polish, and preserve leather. When dry, White Ace is rub-off resistant. NON-TOXIC - SAFE FOR USE ON BABY SHOES. A long time staple in the nursing and golf industries as well.

#302 Available in 3oz sponge applicator bottle, Quart, and Gallon

#310 Angelus Instant Shine

Angelus Instant Shine is a one step self-shining liquid. When properly applied, it will restore color, cover scuffs, and dry to a high gloss finish.

Ideal for use on shoes, boots, holsters, belts, etc. For use on smooth leathers only. NOT intended for nappy leathers. NON-TOXIC and SAFE for children's shoes.

#310 Available in 3oz sponge applicator bottle, Quart, and Gallon. Colors - Jet Black, Brown, Neutral, Navy Blue, Red, Cordovan, & White

#400 Angelus Perfect Stain Shoe Wax

Angelus still uses the original formula created in 1907 by our founders. Angelus Wax comes in a convenient 3 oz snap open can. A blend of pure carnauba wax, beeswax, and the finest grade of other waxes and oils. Angelus Wax does more than just polish. It cleans, preserves, water-proofs, and restores a richer color to faded footwear and leather gear. Carnauba wax, a well-established product for the auto and furniture polish industry, has been recognized for years as an excellent preserver for leather.

#400 - 50ml, 75ml, 3oz snap open can, 50 ml, 75 ml jar, 12 ounce cans, and 2.2 pound (kilo) cans. Colors - Black, Brown, Lt. Brown, Dark Brown, Tan, Cordovan, Grey, Mahogany, Navy Blue, Midnight Green, Neutral, Oxblood,
Red, and White

#410 Angelus Shoe Wax Polish - Screw Top Lid

The Angelus Perfect Stain Shoe Wax Polish is available in a 50 gram metal tin with a screw-on lid. The all new screw-on lid ensures an air-tight seal that helps to prevent the wax from drying out.

The all new metal tin is perfect for traveling. With a net content of 60 ml, it falls within TSA regulations to have in your carry-on. The screw-on lid will help prevent the can from opening by accident.

#410 - 50gr/60ml - Colors - Black, Brown, Lt. Brown, Dark Brown, Tan, Cordovan, Grey, Mahogany, Navy Blue, Midnight Green, Neutral, Oxblood, Red, and White

#455 Roll Call Military Grade Shoe Wax Polish

Water repellent, polishes, and preserves all smooth leathers, restores color. Made in the U.SA 

#490 Angelus Wax Emulsion

Liquid wax used primarily in manufacturing to give a nice smooth feel. May be applied to back of articles to provide some repellency.

#490 Available in 4oz, Quart, and Gallon

#500 Angelus Leather Dye

Angelus Dye is the most heavily pigmented dye on the market. Angelus Dyes can also be diluted for desired color results. A permanent liquid dye used for many applications
(like gourds, stone, woodworking, etc ... ) but designed for use on smooth leather articles.

Guaranteed to penetrate leather and form a lasting color which will not peel, crack, or wash off. Excellent for use in manufacturing or re-coloring saddles, tack, shoes, belts, purses, wood, etc. 

Before dyeing, remove any dirt or existing finish by using Angelus Leather Preparer and Deglazer. To clean, dilute, or mix leather dye colors, use Angelus Dye Reducer Solvent. After dyeing, use one of the many Angelus finishers.

Please remember that dye is meant to be permanent. Once applied
it may be difficult or impossible to remove.

#500 Available in 3oz, Pint, Quart, Gallon, 5 Gallon Pails, and 55 Gallon drums Available in 39 colors 

#505-507 Angelus Pro Series Leather Dyes

This is for professional use only with heavier pigment.

Available in Quart, Gallon, 5 Gallon Pail, and 55 Gallon Drum. Black and Brown mostly but will accomadate on request.

#520 Angelus Suede Dye and Dressings

Liquid Suede Dye will color, restore, and dress all nappy and suede leathers. Nappy leather and suede should be brushed to restore the nap after dyeing. Many colors of suede will work well on smooth leathers but NOT the reverse. Do not use #500 on suede. It may ruin the nap.

#520 Available in 3oz, Pint, Quart, Gallon, 5 Gallon Pails, and 55 Gallon drums Colors - Black, Lt. Brown, Brown, Dark Brown, Navy, Neutral, Tan, Rust, Chamois, Beige, Green, Kelly Green, Blue, Lt Blue, Lilac, Purple, Red, Dark Red, Winetone, Pink, Lt Grey, Grey, Dark Grey, & Yellow.

#530 Shine and Dye

DYE IT, then SHINE IT ... Just apply, allow to dry, buff to a shine. That's all there is to itl I Angelus Shine and Dye is a combination of Angelus dyes and waxes creating a one step product for smooth leather items. Shine and Dye is excellent for covering scuffs, scrapes, faded goods, and any smooth leather in need of restoration. Will not crack or peel on leather.

#530 available in 3oz, Pint, Quart, & Gallon Colors - Black, Brown, Tan, Cordovan, Navy Blue, & Red.

#540 Sole and Heel Dressing

Angelus Sole and Heel Dressing is an edge finish for shoes and boots that dries to a gloss. No buffing required. Covers scrapes and marks accumulated on a sole or heel. Not intended for use on wood clogs. When dry, will not rub off.

#540 Available in 3oz, Pint, Quart, & Gallon Colors - Black and Brown

#541 Roll Call Military Grade Edge Dressing

Renews original finish on heels and soles. Especially formulated for high gloss military type inspections. Helps to protect and water-proof as well. California VOC Compliant.

#541 Available in a convenient 3.6 oz. bottle with applicator cap, Pint, Quart, & Gallon Color - Black and coming soon, Clear/Neutral

#544 Acrylic Sole and Heel Enamel

Higher gloss than #540. Excellent for edging belts, purses, shoes, key rings, and any finished or un-finished leather items. Also used to color the "back side" of purses, belts, etc. Will not peel or crack. No buffing required.

#544 Available in 3oz, Quart, & Gallon Colors - Black and Brown

#599 Angelus Dyeliners

Fill the fine tip or broad tip Dyeliner with your favorite Angelus Leather Dye. Great for detailed dye work. Use over and over again.
Just refill with the same dye.

#599 Available in Fine tip or Broad tip

#600-620 Angelus Acrylic Finisher

Original finisher with assortment of different sheen. Semi to high gloss top finish for use on all smooth leathers. Excellent for both hand crafted work and high speed production. Just apply with a sponge, rag, wool, spray gun, or brush and let dry. No buffing needed. Water-based product cleans up with soap and water. Water resistant. Will not rub off, crack, peel, or streak.

Great when used over different finishes where
a uniform finish is desired. Flexible enough for belts, shoes, handbags, saddlery/tack, and upholstery

#650 Angelus Leather Finish

Liquid finish for coloring and giving a gloss to leather all in one step. No buffing required. Excellent for use on leather edges, backs, and top surfaces. Ideal for production work on belts, saddles, harnesses, and police/military equipment.

#650 Available is 4oz, Pint, Quart, & Gallon Color - Black and Brown

#660 Edge Leather Finish

Angelus Edge Leather Finish is a durable high gloss finish. No buffing required. Water-based for easy clean up. No fire danger. Ideal for edging belts, saddles, and holsters.

#660 Available in 4oz, Pint, Quart, & Gallon.
Colors - Black, Brown, Lt Brown, Dark Brown, & White.

#700 Acrylic Antique

While coloring leather, antique applies a protective finish that helps repel water and enables a top coat to be used. Ideal for tooled leathers. The depth of color on leather is determined by the amount of time the acrylic antique is left on the leather prior to wiping it off. Buff to a mellow glow or apply a top coat for a glossier finish. Water-based for easy clean up.

#700 Available in 4oz, Pint, Quart, and Gallon. Colors - Black, Brown, Lt Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Bismark Brown, Mahogany, Cordovan, Tan, & Neutral.

#720 Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint

Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint is the leader in custom leather colorings. Ideal for painting shoes, jackets, purses, furniture and more.

When properly applied, will not crack, peel, fade, or rub off. Water based for easy clean up. Paints can be blended together for countless custom colors. Apply with a fine brush, sponge and airbrush.

Available in 1oz (with brush cap), 4oz, Pint, Quart, & Gallon.

#720-000 Angelus 2-Thin

2-Thin is perfect when you need to thin out our Angelus Leather Acrylic Paint. It keeps your shoe paint from clumping on a mesh surface, and it's great when you're using airbrush for your customization.

For airbrush applications, we suggest using a 1 part 2-thin to 4 parts paint ratio (1:4).

#720 Walk On Paint Sole Coat

This product is the solution to restore or paint the bottom of your hard soles to a brilliant red that has become so popular as of late. This is a stain type paint with an additional hardening agent specifically formulated to paint the bottom of hard-soled shoes such as leather soled shoes, dress shoes, or heels. 

Ideal for restoring or painting Women's "Red Bottoms"/Christian Louboutin Heels. 

#722 Angelus Duller

Angelus Duller is mixed with Angelus Paint in order to reduce the amount of shine in the paint. Perfect item if you want the "Matte" or "Flat" look. We recommend mixing no more than 5-8% duller into your paint solution. 

#722 Angelus 2-Hard

Do you need to paint plastic or other hard surfaces? Then Angelus 2-Hard is the perfect item for you! When mixed with Angelus Acrylic Paints, this product will allow the paint to adhere to non-porous surfaces such as plastic or glass.

Angelus 2-Hard promotes adhesion and film hardness.

#722 Angelus 2-Soft

An absolute must-have when working on fabrics such as the sock-liner of shoes and other soft fabrics. When heat-set properly, this Fabric Medium will help keep your fabrics nice and soft after being painted.

#722 Angelus 2-Thick

Feel like thickening your acrylic paint but don't have the right tools to do so? Trying to get the texture and thickness of oil paint?

Angelus 2-Thick is the perfect solution for all your creative needs!

Whether you're an art enthusiast or professional artist, you can trust Angelus 2-Thick when it comes to transforming and texturing your paints. It's specially formulated with mediums that are perfect for almost any type of acrylic painting project. Angelus 2-Thick is sure to help inspire artists everywhere by leading the way for new exploration and possibilities.

#723 Angelus Paintable Repair Filler

Angelus Paintable Repair Filler is perfect for repairing minor holes & scratches in smooth leather. This leather filler is mixable with Angelus Leather Paints to aid with seamless repairs. Can be used to repair holes and scratches in most sneaker midsoles. Dries to a flexible finish to help prevent future cracks and tears. 

#725 Angelus Neon Acrylic Paint

Bright and extremely vibrant neon colors that react to black light.

#727 Angelus Collector Edition

Acrylic Leather Leather Paints that are perfectly matched to some of the most popular sneakers. These unique colors are widely used to restore cracked, faded, or worn paint from classic sneakers.

#727 Available in 1 oz.

#730 Angelus Glitterlites Color Chart

Finally, a glitter application that doesn't crack or require glue to start. Just apply layers as if using our acrylic paint and let dry and a glittery finish will be had. Stir well before applying, base coat of similar color paint is advised.

#730 Available in 1 oz.

#732 Angelus Metallic Leather Paint

#733 Angelus Pearlescent Paint

Create the pearl effect on your custom projects with the Angelus Pearlescent Paint collection. These iridescent paints produce a brilliant shine that shifts and changes in the light.

#799 Basics Kit

Tackle your next leather project using the Angelus Leather Paint Basics Kit. This complete set includes all of the necessary tools and accessories to begin creating beautiful works of art or restoring your vintage leather pieces. 

#799 Paint Marker

Create your own paint marker with these high quality refillable marker bodies. Angelus Paint Markers come empty, ready to be filled with your color choice of Angelus Acrylic Paint mixed with Angelus 2-Thin (1:1 ratio). These markers feature a pump action valve which allows you to control the flow of the paint.

Most colors will require adjusting with 2-thin in order to flow right. General rule is if it is thick like milk it will need thinning down. 

Does not work with metallics or neons. 

The replaceable tip is also reversible.  One end features a chiseled tip, great for creating shapes and lines. While the other end features a rounded tip, perfect for small details or line work.

Available in 3mm , 5mm, 10mm, 3mm set and 5mm set.

#799 Paint Brush Set

Ideal for Angelus Acrylic Paints.

Made from synthetic fibers, Angelus Paint Brushes perform exceptionally well when paired with Angelus Acrylic Paints. The numerous soft fibers allow for longer, more satisfying strokes with minimal brush strokes left behind.

Included in this set:

#2 Round
#6 Flat
#10 Flat
#6 Filbert
1/2" Angular

#799 Micro Paint Brush Set

Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint is the highest quality paint for sneaker customization, so why not use premium brushes made exclusively for it? Angelus Micro Detail Paint Brush Set contains the professional grade tools you need for fine detail work on any project.

Included in this set:

1x Angelus Micro Detail Paint Brush- 0 Round1x Angelus Micro Detail Paint Brush- 0 Angular1x Angelus Micro Detail Paint Brush- 0 Shader1x Angelus Micro Detail Paint Brush- 0 Spotter1x Angelus Micro Detail Paint Brush- 0 Filbert

#799 Jumbo Paint Brush Set

Tackle large projects with ease using the Angelus Jumbo Paint Brush Set! Ideal for covering large areas such as couches, sofas, shoes, clothing & much more. The numerous soft fibers allow for longer, more satisfying strokes with minimal brush strokes left behind.

Includes one of each:

2" Flat

1-1/2" Angular

1" Flat

3/4" Angular

1/2" Filbert

#799 Paint Strainer

An absolute must-have for anyone using an airbrush with Angelus Paint. Completely reusable! Wash out with warm water and soap after every use. Made with metal mesh and a plastic body you can wash this over and over with great results. Intended for people who use air brush and use our product 2-thin to thin the paint. Normal paint without 2-thin will take considerably longer to filter. 

#799 Red Tape

This is a premium tape that is pliable enough to be bent around corners and sticky enough to cover those hard-to-stick surfaces like midsoles and canvas.

It creates a strong barrier, so paint does not leak under the tape.

#799 Brush Holder

If you're tired of your paint brushes rolling off the table then the Angelus Brush Holder is just for you! It's perfect for leaning your paint brushes against while not in use. Protect the delicate bristles on your brushes from contact with hard surfaces and protect your art desk from unwanted marks and stains.

#800 Angelus Dry Cleaner and Spot Remover - DISCONTINUED

#800 - No longer available. See product #802.

#802 Angelus Dry Cleaner and Spot Remover

A variation of our #800 Dry Cleaner sold for many decades to our manufacturing customers. Now available for shop use. Professional grade solvent preferred by some who require a longer drying/working time.

#802 Available in 4oz, Quart, & Gallon

#810 Angelus Shoe and Handbag Shampoo

Excellent universal cleaner. Cleans leather, vinyl, canvas, wool, suedes, plastics, upholstery, and rugs. Will not water-spot Water-based product safe for home use. Mild enough to clean delicate materials and strong enough to clean trapped dirt and grime on carpets.

#810 Available in 3oz, Quart, & Gallon

#811 Angelus Easy Gel Cleaner

Easy, Easy, Easy I 11 No drip applicator top. No rinsing I Simply depress applicator top, apply to article, rub in a light motion, wipe dry1 Ideal for quick touch ups any­where I Perfect for athletic shoes. Gentle enough for daily use.

#811 Available in 3 oz applicator top bottle with overcap (toss in your gym bag, locker, car, etc), also available in Quart & Gallon sizes.

#815 Angelus Blue Foam Cleaner

Economy based cleaner for leather, suede, nubuck, vinyl, straw, canvas, and most apparel materials. As with all cleaners, test on a small unseen area prior to overall use. 

#816 Angelus All Purpose Cleaner

Liquid version of #817. available in 4 oz, 8 oz, quart, and gallon.

#816 Available in 4oz, 8oz, Quart, and Gallon size

#817 Angelus Foam Powder Cleaner

Environmentally friendly, reduced packaging product. Simply add water and create your preferred strength multi-purpose cleaner.

#817 Available in 6oz power tub - enough to make 1 gallon.

Also available in a ready to use 8oz. Pint, Quart & Gallon liquid

#820 Angelus Leather Preparer & Deglazer

All purpose cleaner and stripper for leather articles. Excellent for use in prepar­ing leather for dyeing with Angelus Leather Dyes.

Product can be use to
de-glaze factory finishes from shoes, purses, holster, and saddles. Leather Pre­parer & Deglazer will tend to strip color from leather articles only and is NOT rec­ommended for use on vinyl or plastic.

#820 Available in 4oz, Pint, Quart, & Gallon

#822 Angelus Deglazer

All purpose cleaner and stripper for leather articles. An alternative to #820 sold for many years to our manufacturing customers. Now available for shop use.

#822 Available in Quarts & Gallons

#840 Angelus Easy Cleaner

A premium cleaner for suede, nubuck, vinyl, straw, canvas, and carpet. Will clean all leathers. One of our most popular, versatile cleaners. Test on an unseen area prior to overall use.

#840 Available in two retail sizes-4oz pump spray & 8oz plastic bottle.
Also available in Quart & Gallon.

#841 Angelus Instant Clean

Companion package to Angelus Instant Shine #310 series. Great 3oz retail bottle with a scrub top. Mild formulation for consumer use. Great on leather, vinyl, rubber, canvas, and straw. Use care with the scrub top when using on suede. May damage nap. Test on a small area prior to overall use.

#841 Available in 3oz retail bottle

#842 Angelus Foam-Tex Gentle Foaming Cleaner

The new EASY way to clean your sneakers! Angelus Foam-Tex Gentle Foaming Cleaner uses a pump handle that creates foam directly onto your sneakers. No more bowls! No more water! Now you can clean your kicks with ease using this brand new sneaker cleaner. 

Directions are simple! Simply Pump, Scrub, & Dry! No more unnecessary steps and no more wasted product. Angelus Foam-Tex Cleaning Kit is a MUST-HAVE for any sneaker collector! 

#843 Angelus Brush Cleaner

The all new Angelus Brush Cleaner quickly & effectively cleans acrylic paints from airbrushes, paintbrushes, & many other art tools!

This non-toxic cleaner contains a conditioning agent that leaves bristles feeling soft & supple.

To clean paintbrushes, simply soak and agitate bristles. Soak airbrush parts in cleaner over night without the fear of damaging expensive pieces.

Comes in an 8 oz. bottle with a twist-top cap for easy pouring.

#845 Angelus All Purpose Foam Cleaner

Aerosol foaming cleaner. Great for use on smooth leathers, oiled leather, suede, nubuck, and canvas. Use caution when using the scrub top. May damage nap. California compliant. Formerly Texture and Leather Cleaner

#845 Available in 5.5 ounce aerosol can with scrub top

#850 Angelus Silicone Water Repellent

Easy to use treatment to help make smooth leathers water resistant. When used properly, will aid in keeping your leather articles dry during the most severe rains. Apply and allow to dry completely before exposure.

#850 Available in a handy 4oz bottle with a dauber cap, Quart, & Gallon

#851-WS Angelus Water & Stain Repellent

5.5 ounce aerosol can. Invisible protective coating. Repels water and stains to keep leather, suede, Gore-Tex, and many fabrics clean and dry. Safe to use on "Dry Clean Only" fabrics. California Compliant.

#851 Available in 5.5 ounce aerosol can

#851 Angelus Water & Stain Repellent

Liquid, non-aerosol version. Invisible protective coating. Repels water and stains to keep leather, suede, Gore-Tex, and many fabrics clean and dry.
Safe to use on "Dry Clean Only" fabrics.

#851 Available in 4oz pump spray bottle, Quart, & Gallon

#852 Angelus Boot Spray

Provides a protective barrier against soil and moisture. Excellent on all sheepskin material. Ideal for Boots, Shoes, Jackets, Handbags and Suede.

#852 Available in 5.5 ounce aerosol can

#853 Angelus Desalter

Will remove most salt and water stains caused by ice, rain, snow, sweat, and salt. Will not injure leather articles. Test on a small unseen area prior to overall use.

#853 Available in 4oz, Quart, & Gallon

#861 Angelus Dye Reducer Solvent

Formulated to be used with Angelus Leather Dyes. Use for diluting, mixing colors, and cleaning. By using a combination of Angelus Leather Dyes and Angelus Dye Reducer, an infinite amount of colors/hues can be achieved.
As Angelus Dye is the strongest dye on the market, add dye sparingly until desired color is obtained.

#861 Available in 4oz, Quart, & Gallon

#862 All Purpose Cement Thinner

This is for professional use only. An Ideal product for thinning all purpose neoprene based contact cements. Use for cement brush and pot clean-up.
A good heavy duty cleaner for spray guns and leather tools.

#862 Available in Quart, Gallon, 5 Gallon Pail, and 55 Gallon Drum

#864 Angelus Acetone

This is for professional use only. An economy based product for cleaning and stripping leather articles. Test on a small unseen area prior to overall use.

#864 Available in Quart, Gallon, & 5 Gallon Pail

#870 Professional Shoe Stretch

Angelus Shoe Stretch is a leather conditioner that will stretch shoes while you walk. Formulated to clean and stretch tight fitting shoes and boots. Works well on leather, suede, linen, canvas, and vinyl. Cleans patent leather instantly. Also used to clean natural suede. Test on a small unseen area prior to overall use.

#870 Available in two handy retail sizes. 2oz and 4oz pump sprays.
Also available in Quart (with trigger sprayer) & Gallon.

#875 Deodorizer

Microbial spray used to eliminate odors in shoes, clothing, and upholstery. Spray thoroughly and allow to dry before use.

#875 Available in 4oz pump spray, Quart, & Gallon

#876 Angelus Sole Bright

Perfect for curing oxidized rubber items such as yellowing soles and midsoles on sneakers. Will restore yellow rubber back to its original color.

#876 Available in 4 ounce

#890 Angelus Preparation Powder

This is for professional use only. A heavy duty cleaner intended for professional shoe shine use. Add the 3oz powder jar to one gallon water to achieve a heavy duty shoe wash. To be used before applying creams or waxes to shoes and boots. Also great for use on tack.

#890 Available is 3 ounce powder. Colors - Black, Brown, & Tan

#891 Angelus Shoe Wash

Liquid version of the #890. Already mixed for you. Apply liberally and rinse. Does not need to dry prior to using additional products. Also great on saddlery and tack.

#891 Available in 8 ounce, Quart, & Gallon . Colors - Black, Brown, Tan, & Neutral

#894 Angelus Suede Renew

Angelus Suede Renew rejuvenates suede & nubuck while helping to restore color. For use on most suede materials where nap has become rigid and/or faded. 

#895 Suede Nubuck Kit

Kit contains a suede eraser for cleaning and a brush to restore nap.

In a handy retail bag.

#901-904 4-COAT

The industries best scratch resistant urethane clear coat. With its ultra high durability & flexibility, this protective top coat will help protect almost any project! 

Available in 4 different sheens: Flat, Matte, Satin, & High Gloss.

#991 Angelus Genuine Mink Oils

Mink oil has been used for many years by many industries to condition and protect leather, vinyl, and even some plastics. Helps prevent stains. Extend the life of your articles by keeping it clean and soft. Available in paste, liquid, and aerosol. Test on a small unseen area prior to overall use.

#991 Available in paste - 3oz plastic tub, 3oz metal can, 8oz plastic tub.

Also in 8oz liquid and 5.5oz aerosol. California Compliant

#992 Angelus Shoe Trees

You want your sneakers to last for as long as possible, right? Us too, that's why we created Angelus Shoe Trees. Insert these high quality Angelus Shoe Trees into your shoes whenever you're not wearing them to help keep their original shape. And they're adjustable (size 6-13), so you don't have worry about size.

Even better, Angelus Shoe Trees work great to fill the shoes during cleaning, painting, or any other sneaker restoration project. 

Fits shoe sizes 6-13 Men's.

#992 Angelus Clear Shoe Cement

Angelus Clear Shoe Cement works perfectly on rubber, leather, plastic, vinyl, fabrics & much more. This all purpose glue is a must-have for anyone that needs to re-glue the soles to their shoes or anything else you can think of. The clear formula allows it to be used on all surfaces without leaving any noticeable stains.

#992 All Purpose Applicator Pads

The All Purpose Applicator pads are made from quality material that stays together and doesn't leave fuzz all over your custom sneakers like some other applicators do. This is a way better alternative to cotton balls since they don't change shape or soak up material.

#992 Angelus Sandpaper

Angelus Multi-Purpose Wet Sandpaper is ideal for your customizing needs. Whether you're sanding a surface for better adhesion, or smoothing out a rough surface, we've got the perfect sandpaper for you. 

400 Grit - 5 sheets
800 Grit - 5 sheets
1500 Grit - 5 sheets
Assorted Pack - 5 sheets of 400, 800, and 1500 (15 sheets total)

#992 Brushes

Angelus has an assortment of different brushes with horsehair, boar hair, and synthetic bristles.

#992 Angelus Cutting Mat

The all new Angelus Cutting Mats are made with extra thick materials that boast self-healing properties. These long-lasting mats feature centimeter measurements on one and and inches on the other.

#992 #2 Detail Knife

The Angelus Detail Knife features a high quality anodized titanium handle, a soft comfort grip, and 6 total precision #2 blades. A perfect choice for every day use, the Angelus Detail Knife features quality materials that can stand up to almost any project. 

#992 #11 Detail Knife

The Angelus #11 Detail Knife is perfect for projects that require much precision. The ultra sharp blade with precise fine point tip allows for cuts from top to bottom without lifting the edge. It's light weight aluminum handle with non-slip grip aids in maneuverability and precision.

#992 Replacement Blades Set of 10

#2 Replacement Blades for the Angelus Detail Knife. 

#992 Detail Cleaning Brush - Pack of 2

The Angelus Detail Brush is perfect for getting into small crevices and hard-to-reach places. Its small size makes it easy to maneuver, and its soft bristles won't scratch or damage surfaces. The Detail Brush is also great for dusting and cleaning tight spaces.

#999 Professional Buff Rag

With many years in the industry, Angelus strives to bring professional grade shoe care products to its customers. The Angelus Professional Grade Buff Rags are made of 100% high quality cotton. This material is extremely soft and gentle, which allows for better shoe polish absorption and better maneuverability when buffing.

#999 Wool Daubers

The perfect disposable applicator for applying dyes & stains to leather or wood. Sold as a pack of 12 or 100 daubers.