Angelus Basics Kit

Tackle your next leather project using the Angelus Leather Paint Basics Kit.

This complete set includes all of the necessary tools and accessories to begin creating beautiful works of art or restoring your vintage leather pieces. 

Included in this kit:

Five 1 oz. Acrylic Leather Paints

Five assorted paint brushes

One 1 oz. Leather Preparer & Deglazer

Available in a Retail Box or E-commerce Friendly Bag.

12 Color Assortment Kit

Angelus Brand shoe paint is the premier paint for your custom sneaker, bag, furniture, or any leather project.

Easy Cleaner Kit

Perfect for anyone looking to keep their shoes nice and clean.

The Angelus Easy Cleaner paired with the Angelus Cleaning Brush are an unstoppable combination.

The Premium Microfiber Towel is great for wiping away the dirt & suds while leaving behind no residue. 

Kit includes:

1 Easy Cleaner 8 oz.

1 Angelus Premium Cleaning Brush

1 Premium Microfiber Towel

Foam-Tex Kit

The new EASY way to clean your sneakers! Angelus Foam-Tex Gentle Foaming Cleaner uses a pump handle that creates foam directly onto your sneakers.

No more bowls! No more water!

Now you can clean your kicks with ease using this brand new sneaker cleaner. 

Directions are simple! Simply Pump, Scrub, & Dry! No more unnecessary steps and no more wasted product. Angelus Foam-Tex Cleaning Kit is a MUST-HAVE for any sneaker collector! 

Kit includes:

Angelus Foam-Tex Foaming Cleaner - 5.7 fl. oz.

Premium Hog Hair Sneaker Cleaning Brush

Premium Microfiber Towel

Suede and Nubuck Kit

Kit contains a suede eraser for cleaning and a brush to restore nap.

In a handy retail bag.